Home Studio, April Cottage

Dodds Lane, Chalfont ST Giles HP8 4EL

Thursday  3rd 10.00 - 3.00 pm

Ages 7 - 13 years

 workshop - £60.00


We have created a New Years workshop for January 3rd 2019 10 - 3 pm in my home studio. The Theme is 'Colour Your World' by creating your own personal mindful mandala for the year to come. A mandala is usually a circular diagram symbolizing an ideal universe. They can come in many forms. Mandalas were originated in the 4th century as part of one of the world’s great religions, Buddhism.

We will be creating a beautifully designed and painted canvas which will stand as a positive reminder for your hopes and dreams for the year  -  I will guide through the process to find your own style and to get immersed in the drawing. When mandalas came into the Western world there were used as a tool for personal growth, as Carl Jung used to consider them. When you draw a Mandala you get immersed in the creative flow and personal development.

What to expect ….

A short intro about Mandala and what means mindful mandala drawing A presentation of colours and their meaning as you can choose the right colours for you in your drawing. Did you know you can use colours to change your mood, feel energised or relaxed or even find inspiration? You'll find all of these and much more in this workshop. The drawing and colouring a beautiful, personal and unique Mandala At the end of the workshop you will have your own Mandala to take home. You don't need previous drawing skills as this workshop is about experiencing mindfulness through intuitive drawing. All you need to do is to connect with your creativity, draw intuitively and allow yourself to relax and have fun!