Please feel free to contact us if the answers to your questions are not answered here

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, although we treat our trial students as one of our own giving them a sketch book and portfolio so we charge for our trials ( £20 for 2 hours).


If you miss a class do you get a credit?

wherever possible if you are unable to make a class due to a family commitment or illness you will be offered a make up class that same week. All our classes follow a similar content so you wont fall behind.


Do you have a sibling discount policy? 

We appreciate that you might need a discount for your multiple children so please get in touch to find out what you are eligable for and we will issue you with a discount code to use in the check out.


Do you offer 1:1 classes?

If you require extra help passing exams, getting a portfolio prepared or getting an art scolarship lessons can be arranged around your child's timetable.


My child has special needs, are you able to offer them a place?

​Art and creativity are a great way to engage and motivate your child. We are able to offer limited places to special needs children and have a SEN professional on hand for our workshops.