About our unique Workshops



Mini Monets have responded to the challenge of creating a safe and inclusive environment for the study and enjoyment of art by creating a ZOOM AND PHYSICAL classroom experience.  The content of our workshops will be a selection of stimulating activities so check out our program; Pottery, Painting, drawing, sculpture, art appreciation of black artists, textiles, printing and contemporary spray paint and skills building. These workshops are suitable for all ages 7 - 16 and if the child is younger minimum 5 they can be booked with a parent, sibling, grandparent or friend via zoom.

Workshops, when they are not virtual, will be at New Barn Farm in Seer Green or Artbag Studio located in High Street in Old Amersham where parking is free.

We create an intimate space for creative exploration to give your kids "the best day ever"

About our unique Workshops during the 


Mini Monets have responded to the challenge of providing a safe and inclusive environment for the study and enjoyment of art in these troubled times by creating a hygienic  socially distanced PHYSICAL classroom 

experience that is a COVID 19 secure environment.


The content of our workshops this Autumn will be a really

special focus on painting techniques!

From all of my years of teaching experience, I have realized

that young people can never have too much help in improving

their painting techniques, whether that is with watercolours,

colour-mixing, brush skills, perspective, or learning the basics

of composition, balance, texture...it's endless, there is so much

to learn and so much to teach them!


As Halloween is coming up, we are also offering a

fun sugar skull mask-making and decoration session in

honour of Dia de Muertos with excellent materials

and flowers on Friday 30th suitable for ages 5 - 15.




  1. Each day we will be improving their skills with new challenges.

  2. Age groups will be split accordingly

  3. Students will also be divided into different skill levels so that even the beginners and the most capable will gain valuable insights from this teaching.

  4. Each day we will build upon the previous day - those students who are able to come for all 3 days will seriously learn the most!

  5. We never normally offer so much tuition in such a concentrated period of time, so snap this opportunity up and reap the benefits!


So if your child or teen has shown an interest in art during the lockdown and you're struggling to support them, let us encourage and nurture their creative love and passion!


Come to our stunning space at the Market Hall, right in the centre of Old Amersham. This stunning historic building is full of light, which makes it perfect for artwork, and it is large enough to ensure that we can be spaced out safely - we are so privileged that the good folk of the Town Hall consider us worthy of their space!


We are catering for a maximum of fifteen students per day.

Book early to avoid disappointment! 10.30 - 12.30 pm


These painting workshops are suitable for all ages 7 - 16

(although we can make exceptions for younger children provided they are at least 5 and come with an older sibling or have attended our weekend art classes).

Located in High Street in Old Amersham, where parking is FREE!

Transfer into our account after phoning to check for availability, with your child's name, age + days required as reference into our bank account, then email us with your child's booking details. You may add a 10% discount for second and third children when booked together 


Mini Monets UK Ltd


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